Pete McKee is a painter and commercial artist from Sheffield, England. He is a cartoonist for the Sheffield Telegraph’s sports section. He has exhibited regularly around the North of England. Using bright colours his characters inhabit a world of working men’s clubs, bingo halls and family trips to the seaside. 

I have always had an admiration for all things “Mod” and the Mod scene. I remember seeing a painting that McKee had painted of Mods and Scooter, namely the “Mods” and “Scooter Boy” I was draw into the simplicity of the paintings and the style of them. Once I’d seen them is when I started to follow Pete McKee has an artist.

Although his work is unique and very different to my style of art, I appreciated how he bought his art to life and started to look into his other work. When I discovered his collections called “Sheffield” and “People & Places” I completely appreciated how he bought his childhood to life with the paintings and made them very relatable.

I attended a pop-up exhibition that Pete held at a studio in Digbeth where he was promoting and signing his new book “Council Skies” All his work was on show and it was fantastic to see. I spoke to him and told him I was starting out as an artist. He told me it took him 15 years to be fully recognised for his works and this, in itself, inspired me and made me realise that one day I could do the same.

September 24, 2019

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